Istanbul Kınalıada Krikor Lusavoric Armenian Church

Kınalıada Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Armenian Church, Istanbul, Turkey

Founded in 1855 on the island of Kinaliada, this church was opened for worship by Patriarch Hagop III in 1857. The church's first bell tower was built with the help of Bagdasar Hagopian. In 1988, the existing bell tower was built and the church was renovated with basic strengthening works. There are also two chapels in the church, which consists of a prayer section and an altar. 

Krikor Lusavoric Armenian Church Kinaliada Istanbul

Senior father Dionisios Çizmeciyan, the first priest of the district, was also one of the first Armenians to settle on the island.  Today, the church usually provides spiritual services to the large congregation who come to the islands for summer holidays during the summer season.

The Patriarchate's summer residence and Karagözyan Orphanage and Rest House are also located near the Church.

Kinaliada Armenian Church

Status - Active
Location - Akgünlük Sok. No: 10, 34977 Kınalıada, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (0216) 381-4214

Surp Takavor Armenian Church İstanbul

Armenian Church of Surp Takavor Istanbul, Turkey

About Surp Takavor Church

It was opened in 1722. The church was called Surp Asdvadzadzin as its first priority.
After a great fire in 1855, it was reopened in 1858 and the Church was named after Surp Takavor after this day. In the same year, Hamazasbyan school and Muradyan school of girls were established in the church hunt.
In 2007, the bell tower was rebuilt. Garabet Muradyan and his wife Hatun Muradyan are buried in two separate tombs in Avlu.

Armenian Church of Surp Takavor Turkey

Location of Surp Takavor Armenian Church, Istanbul

Address: Muvakkithane Cad. No: 44/1, 34710 Kadıköy
Tel: (0216) 336-0166
Faks:(0216) 337-4789

Istanbul Holy Cross Armenian Church

Holy Cross Armenian Surp Hac Church, Istanbul, Turkey

About Holy Cross Surp Hac Armenian Church
Holy Cross Surp Hac Armenian Church Istanbul, Turkey
The church was opened in 1676. In 1882 a stone bell tower was built at the entrance of the church. There are five doors and an upper gallery in the church. The roof is cylindrical in basilica style and wooden.

In 1831 two cisterns were built in the courtyard of the church. In 1930 a fountain was built.

The church's meeting rooms, saloons and adjacent buildings were rebuilt in 1950 by renowned philanthropist Kalust Gülbengyan.
The church was built in 1676 and repaired in 1727, 1779, 1781, 1782, 1785, 1790, 1808 and 1998.

Location of Surp Hac Armenian Church
Address - Selamsız, Kozanoğlu Sok. No: 1, 34664 Üsküdar
Tel: (0216) 553-0250
Faks: (0216) 343-9802


Armenian Surp Garabed Church,Üskudar, Istanbul

Opened in 1593
Repaired in 1617, 1727, 1844, 1888, 2006

Armenian Surp Garabed Church,Üskudar, Istanbul

Location of Surp Garabed Armenian Church

Address - Bağlarbaşı, Yeni Mahalle Vasiyet Sok. No: 6/3, 34664 Üsküdar
Tel: (0216) 553-3819
Faks: (0216) 391-4362


Armenian Church Of Saint Gregory The Illuminator ( Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Armenian Church ) Istanbul, Turkey

Built and Opened - 1835
Architect -  Ohannes Amira Serverian

Kuzguncuk Armenian Church Istanbul, Church Of Saint Gregory The Illuminator Surp Krikor LusavoriçThis church is situated next to Kuzgunjuk quay. It has a rectangular ground plan and consists of three sections and a narthex. The walls consist of unhewn Stone and double rows of brick. The roof consists of a central dome, supported on four large pillars. On either side of the vaulted entrance is a room with an apse. The church has five doors, over the main door being a five line Armenian inscription. The church is well lit. On the large arch is inscribed an Armenian prayer. There are two doors on either side or three large Windows each to the left, to the right and over the entrance. As one enters the main door on the left there is an old oil painting of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. The church is also lit by skylights in the semi dome to the east. The church has an inscription and was repaired in 2003-2004.

The pyramidal, domed belfry surmounted by a cupola is located immediately behind the apse to the east of the church. The stairs built in 1944 lead up to the chair gallery on the northeast side.
As in all Armenian churches the apse is roofed by a semi dome. Over the North and South walls, about a meter from the floor and 10 centimeter depth are Byzantine style pseudo Windows containing paintings of saints. The upper part of the altar is gilded

Location and Photos of Kuzguncuk Armenian Church
Status - Active
Location - Çarşı Cad. No: 49, Kuzguncuk
Tel: (0216) 341-5002

Adana Catholic Church

St. Paul Catholic Church in Adana, Turkey

This Roman Catholic Church is also known as Adana Bebekli Church ( Church with Baby ) The church is currently serves to the Catholic and the Protestant Community of Adana.

St. Pauls Catholic Church Adana Turkey
Image from wikimedia

Status - Active
Built - 1870
Location / Address - Tepebag Mahallesi 10 Sok. No. 31 Adana
Tel - 0090 322 363 52 79

Service Hours
Sundays Worship at 11:00 am (Turkish)
Monday to Friday, from 8 am (Turkish)

Surp Yergodasan Arakelots Armenian Church Istanbul

Kandilli Surp Yergodasan ArakelotsArmenian Church, Istanbul, Turkey

The Armenians began to settle in Kandilli from the end of the 18th century. They were worshiping under a tent because it was not a permanent building. Finally a new church was built in 1846 under the leadership of Boğos Amira Asnanyan. The last restoration of the church was held in 2012. The bell tower of the church is wood. The walls of the baptismal are decorated with coloured porcelain.

Surp Yergodasan Arakelots Armenian Church Turkey

Armenian Surp Yergodasan Arakelots Church, Kuzguncuk, Kandilli
Status - Active
Built - 1846
Address / Location - Kurtbağrı Sok. No: 17, 34684 Kandilli, Turkey

Surp Nigogayos Armenian Church in Istanbul

Surp Nigogayos Armenian Church in Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey

Surp Nigoğayos Church was built in 1776. In 1838 some parts were damaged by the earthquake.  It was reopened in 1946 after a long period of neglect.

Beykoz Surp Nigogayos Church

Beykoz Armenian Church
Status - Active
Built - 1776
Location / Address - Mehmet Yavuz Cad. No: 14  Beykoz
Tel -  (+90) 216 323-5578

Surp Nişan Armenian Church Istanbul

Armenian Church in Kartal, Istanbul

This church is located in Anatolian side of Istanbul. At the end of the sixteenth century there was a chapel in Kartal. According to a manuscript, the church was built in 1776 and it was renovated in 1985 both internally and externally.

Surp Nışan Armenian Church Istanbul, Turkey

Location and Photos of Surp Nışan Armenian Church
Status - Active
Built - 1776
Location - Soğanlık Sok. No: 6, 34870 Kartal
Tel -  (+90) 216 306-8112

Pendik Evangelical Church

Evangelical Church in Pendik, Istanbul

The Pendik Evangelical Church, a branch of the Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation, aims to meet the religious needs of Christians who live around the Pendik area.

Evangelical Church in Istanbul

Status - Active
Opened -  2011
Location / Address - Batı Mah. Ihlamur Sok. No:4 Kat 3 Pendik-İstanbul
Tel -  +90 0216 375 32 13  /   0216 366 94 94
E-mail -

Sundays Worship at 2 pm - 3:30 pm

Izmit Protestant Church

Protestant Fellowship Church in Kocaeli, Turkey

Kocaeli Church. Protestant Church in Izmit, Turkey

Status - Active
Opened - Izmit Protestant Church, 1999
Location / Address - Çukurbağ Mah, Mehmet Akif Sok No:15 İzmit/KOCAELİ
Tel -  +90 262 332 2697
E-mail -

Sundays Worship at 14:00 pm

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