Armenian Church of Surp Takavor Istanbul, Turkey

About Surp Takavor Church
It was opened in 1722. The church was called Surp Asdvadzadzin as its first priority.
After a great fire in 1855, it was reopened in 1858 and the Church was named after Surp Takavor after this day. In the same year, Hamazasbyan school and Muradyan school of girls were established in the church hunt.
In 2007, the bell tower was rebuilt. Garabet Muradyan and his wife Hatun Muradyan are buried in two separate tombs in Avlu.

Armenian Church of Surp Takavor Turkey

Location of Surp Takavor Armenian Church
Address: Muvakkithane Cad. No: 44/1, 34710 Kadıköy
Tel: (0216) 336-0166
Faks:(0216) 337-4789

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