Armenian Church Of Saint Gregory The Illuminator ( Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Armenian Church ) Istanbul, Turkey

Built and Opened - 1835
Architect -  Ohannes Amira Serverian

Kuzguncuk Armenian Church Istanbul, Church Of Saint Gregory The Illuminator Surp Krikor LusavoriçThis church is situated next to Kuzgunjuk quay. It has a rectangular ground plan and consists of three sections and a narthex. The walls consist of unhewn Stone and double rows of brick. The roof consists of a central dome, supported on four large pillars. On either side of the vaulted entrance is a room with an apse. The church has five doors, over the main door being a five line Armenian inscription. The church is well lit. On the large arch is inscribed an Armenian prayer. There are two doors on either side or three large Windows each to the left, to the right and over the entrance. As one enters the main door on the left there is an old oil painting of Saint Gregory the Illuminator. The church is also lit by skylights in the semi dome to the east. The church has an inscription and was repaired in 2003-2004.

The pyramidal, domed belfry surmounted by a cupola is located immediately behind the apse to the east of the church. The stairs built in 1944 lead up to the chair gallery on the northeast side.
As in all Armenian churches the apse is roofed by a semi dome. Over the North and South walls, about a meter from the floor and 10 centimeter depth are Byzantine style pseudo Windows containing paintings of saints. The upper part of the altar is gilded

Location and Photos of Kuzguncuk Armenian Church
Status - Active
Location - Çarşı Cad. No: 49, Kuzguncuk
Tel: (0216) 341-5002

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